Final Preparations

Below is a larger map of the Corbie/ Talus Boise area.

Note: This is an interactive Google Map. By utilising the zoom-in function ( + button located in top left corner of map), you will obtain a closer view of the map, with location markers distrubuted and individually visible.

Standing at the western edge of Talus Boise looking north. About 2 km`s away lies the village of Montauban. In July 1916, Montauban had been shelled into little more than a white stain on the ground…What is seen in the background was rebuilt after 1918.
 Inside Talus Boise. A long , narrow wood. Supply dump and dressing station. 2nd regiment spent as much time here as Delville Wood. ( 4 – 8 July ) and  (10 – 13 July )
A narrow gauge railway line between Albert and Guillemont ran through here. ( The track bed is faintly visible ). It was used by the British to evacuate wounded in a south westerly direction to Albert, and bring up supplies back to Talus Boise, and eventually Bernafay Wood & Trones Wood.
About midway through the wood, headed north in the direction of Montauban.
Used as a bivouac.
And rest area…
Spare pillow if required.
 For a better overview perspective, the view from Maricourt ridge, overlooking Talus Boise. On 7 July, 2nd A and C Coy`s left the northern tip of the wood and descended down onto the tracks, whose path ( today ) is shown as a row of low bushes curving to the right. This area was known as Train Alley. The wood in the background about 4 Km`s distant is Bernafay Wood.
The route of 2nd regiment from 7 July was to Bernafay Wood and back to Talus Boise on 11 July. On 13/14 July advance to Montauban and on 15 July, enter Delville Wood.